AIP continues to deliver leading financial products and solutions. Additionally, we are positioned at the forefront of the renewable energy market - exploring innovative and alternative funding.

As laws, regulations and energy needs change both globally and frequently, so too must a business' strategy adapt accordingly, if not pre-emptively. With AIP on their side, our clients are able to remain competitive in the market. 


AIP's capital raising and advisory capabilities are international. Currently, and of late, we have managed transactions in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Africa, Latin America and India.

POwer Investments with Purpose

Invest Sustainably with AIP

With a primary focus on the renewable energy and clean tech sectors, AIP strives to deliver comprehensive and effective finance raising and advisory to each and every client we serve.

Our history, experience and reputation provides reassurance to our clients - both current and future.

The knowledge base and services we provide to a multitude of businesses are something we pride ourselves on. For many of our clients, it is essential they achieve a competitive financial position in the market. Based on each client's business activities, market focus and objectives, AIP tailors our offering to these criteria accordingly.  

For AIP, our clients are our priority - we do not succeed unless they succeed.   

Experience You Can Trust



AIP has been active in the Renewable Energy sector since 2008.

In this time we have closed numerous project finance transactions successfully. 

Renewable Energy technologies financed through AIP to date include solar PV, onshore wind and anaerobic digestion. 

A couple of notable project financings we have closed include what were, in their respected years, the two largest solar PV parks in the UK.

Outside of the UK, AIP has closed wind and solar PV project financings internationally, including: Southern EU, Eastern EU, Latin America and South Africa.

AIP works and has closed transactions with some of the largest and highly respected financial institutions - an endorsement we are proud of and humbled by.


AIP serves a wide range of clientele on both the buy and sell sides, as well as lenders and borrowers. The position we adopt is dependent on the needs of the client and the nature of the transaction.  

Our clients vary in a number of different ways - from business size and capabilities, to technology preferences and geographic focus.

We recognise the diverse makeup and requirements of our client base. Indeed, not all require the same advisory or solution(s). We develop strategy and solutions on a case-by-case basis and to the needs of each.